• Godannar
  • Needless
    • Via moogy :S
  • Shuffle
    • I have problems.
  • Mushiuta
    • Will make me baw. Run away.
  • Perfect Blue
    • For a rainy day
  • (Legend of) Black Heaven
    • What is this, I don’t even-
  • Durrrrrrrrrrrrr
    • Via nobar
  • GA Art
    • Herp derp
  • Tsukuyomi
    • via Moogy
  • bakemono
    • finish DLing the BDs
  • sun red
    • via zait
  • Aoi Yori Aoshi
    • Nobar says: “Zzzzzzzzz”
  • 08th MS Team
    • Bestest ever or BESTEST EVER?
  • ef memo –> melo
  • Baccano
    • probably never
  • LOGH YARRRRRRR: <CirnoJinx> that show is a god damn Ph.D in Manliness
  • Night Wizard
  • Asura Cryin
  • Shigofumi
  • Mouretsu
  • Penguindumb
  • Muvluv
  • Girls Und Panzer
  • this is here because wordpress fucking sucks at keeping track of nested lists

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