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What makes Tari Tari different…

…from K-ON? Continue reading

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Tari Tari

It’s pretty good. Reminder of what happens when a lot of things go right, from production to sound to acting.

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I thought it was just me being a “indoor cat” when AnoNatsu’s promo images immediately evoked mixed memories of the Onegai shows. But apparently the creator and character designer for Teacher and Twins really did team up for AnoNatsu. Now … Continue reading

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Angel Beats Marathon


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MM! 12

Despite the naivety of montages and insert songs, there was some eloquence to the finish. We didn’t really go anywhere, but went quickly at it — each episode providing the full symphony of human emotions to the viewer. Disgust, love, … Continue reading

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Idiots, Flus, and Summoned Beings

Having been sick a few (5) weeks ago, I had worked on a vector trace of a nice Himeji eyecatch from one of the BakaTest DVD specials. I found that coming back to a vector after several weeks can help … Continue reading

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Age and sage

And that’s how you get good rose wine (oh, and a dash of lemon). While looking up what 下敷き meant, I (quite randomly) came across: 上げたり下げたり and a shortened(?) form 上げ下げ (agesage). I guess this is where the imageboard terms … Continue reading

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Comparing K-ON and SoroWoto

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New decade, old spoofs

A post not inspired by Azumanga but nevertheless (as this is tending to be an anime blog) I will make reference of it.
Certain things do indeed come back into vogue. Continue reading

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Just a flesh wound

Apparently the servers were down for a (long) while after an upgrade… But we’re back! I just have no content.

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