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Angel Beats Marathon


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On Angel Beats Character Designs

<Moogy> the characters were just kind of whatever maeda felt like making them in each episode <hikago> come on guys, that’s just the characters /transcending/ their writing :V

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MM 05 – This Never Happened

When words are not enough.

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On Summer Wars

I remember the venerable Zaitcev asked me if I was going to compile my thoughts on the movie soon after it came out but I wasn’t able to form my ideas at the time.

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Watched the first two episodes — art was nice but isn’t enough to grab me; let’s not mistake animation and art, guys. I do like the coloring, and Kirino (the little sister) is consistently well animated (unlike the rest) and … Continue reading

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Parallels in Marketability

Wherein I draw poor comparisons and wish for free candy. Continue reading

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Shukufuku no Campanella

Relentlessness has a great three part write-up on Campanella from the standpoint of someone who actually played the damn thing… Why bring this up now? Because… Continue reading

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Nurarihyon no Mago Initial Thoughts

Honestly a rather underwhelming first episode, I will admit the source manga did not come into its own until somewhere during the “Tanuki arc” when Rikuo mans up. Not to excuse the first episode for sucking, but it wasn’t unexpected either. Continue reading

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He didn’t even watch either show

Lulz to be had Continue reading

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