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Thoughts on Chuu2Koi

<@Guncannon> Why can’t the show be like this from the start <hikago> directors cut: remove episodes 7-11

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Great cinematography but definitely one of the worst written movies I’ve seen the past decade. While watching I had the misfortune of being reminded of half a dozen other action movies from Batman to Inception instead of being immersed in … Continue reading

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Star Driver

Driven by some discussion on IRC, I realized that Star Driver was quite the misunderstood show. In fact, before I was defeated in a TF2 duel and made to watch it, I had quite the ridiculous perceptions about what it … Continue reading

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Horizon S2 – 12

In which I blabber about how good it is. Continue reading

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Tari Tari

It’s pretty good. Reminder of what happens when a lot of things go right, from production to sound to acting.

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Accel World

Girls hungry for bacon.

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On personal accounts

So this IKnight person found it quite unfortunate no one provided sufficient arguments for the benefits of anecdotes (in general, I assume, as twitter doesn’t allow much room for distinction and rarely do people bother to provide it anyway). So I’m going to commit a cardinal sin on this blog and make a serious post about the topic. Continue reading

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Terrible Tweets 01

There are some good reasons I don’t participate in twitter. The users themselves provide the reasons: https://twitter.com/#!/thaliarchus/status/169858756828606465 There is just so much wrong with this. Lack of thought, insight, the list goes on. And this was after 5 minutes of … Continue reading

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Guest posting, beer, and the wonders of dynamic posting

So as might be observed by those keen enough to actually pay attention to post authors, I have been guest posting at our friendly EU bloggers at Jinx! Continue reading

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Mouretsu is Lessetsu

<@Kurogane> man, why is the preview for Mouretsu 2 more interesting than Mouretsu 1 <hikago> because when you shorten 3 minutes worth of content into 30 seconds it’s better than extending 3 minutes worth of content into 22 minutes

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