Mouretsu is Lessetsu

<@Kurogane> man, why is the preview for Mouretsu 2 more interesting than Mouretsu 1
<hikago> because when you shorten 3 minutes worth of content into 30 seconds it’s better than extending 3 minutes worth of content into 22 minutes

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The visual and assumed complexity

You know the Rorschach test. Everyone sees something different. The more random visual distraction you present, the number of possible interpretations exponentially increase. Continue reading

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I'm okay with this.

I thought it was just me being a “indoor cat” when AnoNatsu’s promo images immediately evoked mixed memories of the Onegai shows. But apparently the creator and character designer for Teacher and Twins really did team up for AnoNatsu.

Now I can make stupid posts comparing the characters to Mizuho and Ichigo. And those stupid flying mascot creatures. Fuck yeah.

Gonna watch this show with 3 bowls of rice and complain about it on my blog. You read about it here first.

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Winter 2012 – Hell frozen over

The usual crap, which is grea– where are the eroge adaptations?!

Luckily we’re getting a ton of bad shows from JC Staff so the balance is restored.

Winter 2012 best season or BESTEST season?

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Haganai 12 – Looney Toons

Apparently they decided to edit the OP to be something appropriate for Sunday morning kids cartoons. Fuck this shit.

And fuck the Yozora PoV series recap where she’s not a total bitch and a completely different character. Kind of like what they did to Laura in IS (same seiyuu too hurrr). 4 minutes in and I quit.

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The Shana Effect


The localized evaluation of a product is heavily influenced by immediate points of reference. In this discussion an active and highly correlated observation of this effect is shown, both implicit and explicit, further reinforced by the fact that users have prior knowledge of one product’s previous iterations. To bolster evidence from deficient sample sizes, arbitrary and factitious data is plotted. Specific to Japanese animation (animus), this phenomena is dubbed the “Shana Effect” after the most notable example of occurrence.

————————————————————- Continue reading

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Guilty Crown

Read at your own discretion

Continue reading

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Finally finished Tayutama


Talk about bittersweet endings. One of the best finales I’ve seen in years. Continue reading

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Face of the enemy

Fear it as you fear your nightmares.

Continue reading

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Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na Anime

It’s a lot of fuel to achieve escape velocity.

With the delectable news that the Yoake VN was nearing translation completion (although apparently “editing” was in order, and at a complete standstill), what better way to control my impatience than to watch the anime? Continue reading

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