Tari Tari

It’s pretty good.

Reminder of what happens when a lot of things go right, from production to sound to acting.


Too cute.

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LOL sorry about that

One of the plugins was badly broken and updating wordpress made things worse. Sorry everyone who has my blog on their feed :V.

In other news, I’m so behind in shows I don’t know if it’s even worth blogging. I could, however, blog about terrible computer games if people even care.

Edit: Also thanks nobar for my new banner.

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Guilty Crown Thoughts

Because I told Nova I’d post about it on his blog, I’ll link it here because I think everyone should know just how much I fucking raged watching it:


Also because I spent like 20 minutes making a stupid graph on how terrible it was.

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Medaka Box – Halfway point

My face when I found out who voices Medaka: Continue reading

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Accel World

Girls hungry for bacon.

Continue reading

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On personal accounts

So this IKnight person found it quite unfortunate no one provided sufficient arguments for the benefits of anecdotes (in general, I assume, as twitter doesn’t allow much room for distinction and rarely do people bother to provide it anyway). So I’m going to commit a cardinal sin on this blog and make a serious post about the topic. Continue reading

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Terrible Tweets 01

There are some good reasons I don’t participate in twitter. The users themselves provide the reasons:


There is just so much wrong with this. Lack of thought, insight, the list goes on. And this was after 5 minutes of randomly clicking around people’s tweets. Let’s be serious: I rather read youtube comments, at least those have up-voting so you can just see the good ones at the top of the list.

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Guest posting, beer, and the wonders of dynamic posting

So as might be observed by those keen enough to actually pay attention to post authors, I have been guest posting at our friendly EU bloggers at Jinx! [1] [2] [3] Hell, I’ve been guest posting while under the influence. But what does this teach us? Why, that “dynamic blogging” solves ALL our problems! Don’t know how to end a post like in my “IM@S Drunk posting” post? Get some random images from the internet and go wild. Don’t even know what to post about? Just post images! Fanservice for extra points. Go for the c-c-c-combo and win. Continue reading

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Amagami SS

What I don’t get is why no one called it “ASS” so I can make bad jokes about “ASS+” this season. Continue reading

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Ano Natsu De Matteru 02 – Coffee Tables

I don’t think there’s a single indoor scene without one. Continue reading

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