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Really late season impressions

Because I’m really fashionable. Continue reading

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Thoughts on Chuu2Koi

<@Guncannon> Why can’t the show be like this from the start <hikago> directors cut: remove episodes 7-11

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Star Driver

Driven by some discussion on IRC, I realized that Star Driver was quite the misunderstood show. In fact, before I was defeated in a TF2 duel and made to watch it, I had quite the ridiculous perceptions about what it … Continue reading

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What makes Tari Tari different…

…from K-ON? Continue reading

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Guilty Crown Thoughts

Because I told Nova I’d post about it on his blog, I’ll link it here because I think everyone should know just how much I fucking raged watching it: Also because I spent like 20 minutes making a stupid … Continue reading

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On personal accounts

So this IKnight person found it quite unfortunate no one provided sufficient arguments for the benefits of anecdotes (in general, I assume, as twitter doesn’t allow much room for distinction and rarely do people bother to provide it anyway). So I’m going to commit a cardinal sin on this blog and make a serious post about the topic. Continue reading

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Terrible Tweets 01

There are some good reasons I don’t participate in twitter. The users themselves provide the reasons:!/thaliarchus/status/169858756828606465 There is just so much wrong with this. Lack of thought, insight, the list goes on. And this was after 5 minutes of … Continue reading

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Guest posting, beer, and the wonders of dynamic posting

So as might be observed by those keen enough to actually pay attention to post authors, I have been guest posting at our friendly EU bloggers at Jinx! Continue reading

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The visual and assumed complexity

You know the Rorschach test. Everyone sees something different. The more random visual distraction you present, the number of possible interpretations exponentially increase.

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Haganai 12 – Looney Toons

Apparently they decided to edit the OP to be something appropriate for Sunday morning kids cartoons. Fuck this shit. And fuck the Yozora PoV series recap where she’s not a total bitch and a completely different character. Kind of like … Continue reading

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