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Really late season impressions

Because I’m really fashionable. Continue reading

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LOL sorry about that

One of the plugins was badly broken and updating wordpress made things worse. Sorry everyone who has my blog on their feed :V. In other news, I’m so behind in shows I don’t know if it’s even worth blogging. I … Continue reading

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Guest posting, beer, and the wonders of dynamic posting

So as might be observed by those keen enough to actually pay attention to post authors, I have been guest posting at our friendly EU bloggers at Jinx! Continue reading

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WordPress 3.0 Upgrade!

Know what this means?! I’ll tell you what it means!
A whole new default theme I can use!!! Continue reading

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Blogging wut

So yeah, I’ve totally been busy with real life so haven’t had time to post… Continue reading

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Beta Action

Signed up for Starcraft2 Beta a few days ago, and amazingly just got an invite! What does that mean for everything else in my life? That’s right! They’re dropped! Cya’ll in a long while~

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Finally got around to making a pipe using Yahoo Pipes for both my micro category feed and my general feed. Continue reading

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ACE Test

Just testing out A.C.E. More on this once it’s in working order.

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Just a flesh wound

Apparently the servers were down for a (long) while after an upgrade… But we’re back! I just have no content.

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3 years?!

A bit late, but apparently this blog is now three years old. THREE years. And we’re still on the default template. God help us. orz

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