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Meido is love. Nekomimi is <3.

Materiel procured

Ready for imocho tonight o7o7o7o7 By the way, NovaJinx convinced me to do the post on his website, so you can go see my drunk rants there:

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Derping in EVE Online

So a few days ago we killed a 300bil ISK ship (or more, depending on who you ask), but the ridiculousness of the entire thing didn’t hit me until I saw an article on Forbes about it. Anthropologists, see and … Continue reading

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Really late season impressions

Because I’m really fashionable. Continue reading

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Thoughts on Chuu2Koi

<@Guncannon> Why can’t the show be like this from the start <hikago> directors cut: remove episodes 7-11

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Great cinematography but definitely one of the worst written movies I’ve seen the past decade. While watching I had the misfortune of being reminded of half a dozen other action movies from Batman to Inception instead of being immersed in … Continue reading

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Star Driver

Driven by some discussion on IRC, I realized that Star Driver was quite the misunderstood show. In fact, before I was defeated in a TF2 duel and made to watch it, I had quite the ridiculous perceptions about what it … Continue reading

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Horizon S2 – 12

In which I blabber about how good it is. Continue reading

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Sword Art Online 10

“Looks like Kirito really made use of さお in SAO” :V “I guess you could say Asuna is everyone’s favorite sow girl” :V “I guess you could say this was Kirito’s true さお debut” :V … I’ll be here all week, … Continue reading

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What makes Tari Tari different…

…from K-ON? Continue reading

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