Really late season impressions

Because I’m really fashionable.

Senran Kagura

Boobs. And uhh… okay I wasn’t paying attention.


More like Kyonyuu (笑).

Sad part is, if it used the manga’s designs I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from loving the shit out of this show. :\

But let’s KEEP IT REAL. The art quality is purely secondary to story and execution. Personally for me, the show reminded me of the interesting debate of human investment, more specifically what if we spent those billions upon billions in different pursuits than war. Would we still have computers? Perhaps huge leaps of advancement in other fields? But from what I’ve seen, read, and learnt, competition drives change. So I unfortunately I don’t believe quality of life would be improving at the pace it has without the investments in technology that started in WWI and continued all the way through the Cold War. It gave us semiconductors and robotics and the internet and the remarkable engineering feats of space flight. But then again people could argue we’d have those without war (eventually lol), but I can’t understand where the investment to do any of that would come from — aka much slower progress. And the digital revolution and the internet has done incredibly well for speeding up progress with rapid processing, analysis, and sharing of information.

ANYWAY. I’m glad Maoyuu didn’t use just endless monologues by the main characters to explain shit, instead going for anecdotes involving key side characters. It gives an extra feeling of intimacy for the issues being discussed, coming from the mouths of the characters directly involved.

Love Live!

Terrible, terrible transitions. The director has no fucking clue what he’s doing.

But the music is great, I’m really looking forward to A-Rise’s single because it sounds like k-pop :V The choreography of the idols dancing was well done too; again I really liked A-Rise’s routine.

Vivi Dredd First Impressions — aka watch while I invalidate my opinion to everyone on the internet:

Typical mahou shoujo crap. I can say this because I didn’t watch Nanoha past episode 4 of S1. Wolololo

Really cool transformation though, guys! すごい!


Surprisingly good fantasy show. Probably one of the best starts I’ve seen in a while. Hopefully it keeps it up.

Edit: Forgot to add, Black Rabbit is really cute and Nomizu does a great job again.


I had a few complaints about this show but I forgot what they were lol. It’s being carried by its characters (re: has a really high chance of going to shit in a couple of episodes).

Edit: Forgot to add another seiyuu note: LOL YUKARIN LOL. DO I HAVE TO EVEN SAY ANYTHING ELSE LOL?


Has no fucking idea what it wants to be. Started with extreme melodrama then turned into a romcom. What the fuck. I’ll give it a few more episodes though, but another show that’s going to be carried by its characters lol.

GJ Club

(Not GJ-Bu, everyone calling it that can go fuck themselves :V)

Surprisingly not popular, despite actually being funny. And actually having interesting characters. And actually having a not 100% useless male lead. And actually having good pacing. And actually not repeating the same jokes (yet). And actually having MOE CHARACTERS 萌えす~ :V。

One of the only shows I’ve aggressively recommended to other people (read: whined at them until they agreed to watch) just based on the first episode.

tl;dr this season is looking really good.

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  1. mushyrulez says:

    dunno, the maoyuu other character side stories seemed just like an endless monologue + ooooh, moving pictures! that lamp thing is a total gamebreaker though, if I needed a device to create real-life examples for my internet arguments I would never have thought of a magical lamp

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