Ano Natsu De Matteru 02 – Coffee Tables

I don’t think there’s a single indoor scene without one.

Kicking the episode off with some really bad scifi and pewpew spaceships (remember when Yoake anime did that? It doesn’t work with these kinds of shows, dammit!) before the OP was pretty questionable and a bit jarring against a monologue of “searching for somewhere” :\.

Anyway. Cutting back to the situation in the MC’s house, with Ichika in some “proper” clothes we get a family meeting with the requisite bad lying and melodrama on her alien situation. Somehow they manage to take up a good third of the episode on this but at least the banter isn’t terrible and apron Ichika was nice. The sister leaves the next day and we get treated to some clothes shopping with the requisite costume changes (thankfully is kept short). Then we spend the 2nd half of the episode with the whole scooby-doo gang together trying to figure out what the movie will be about. Ichika says some stuff I wasn’t paying attention to about scenery or something (re: I don’t understand Japanese) and then Ichigo Lemon spikes the drink. While everyone gets progressively more drunk excluding the two main characte– OH WOW WAY TO RECYCLE PLOT — they play games poorly, including a 30 second King’s Game segment which could have been a gold mine of service but all we get is frumpy trying to be sexy and failing. Fail.

At the end, the MC once again gets his space aids fever and gets healed by Tomatoes’ magic kiss, which I really hope won’t become an episodic thing because it gets tedious fast. But knowing how Onegai Teacher went I bet around episode 8 he‘ll get his shit pushed in and we‘ll get treated to terrible emo writing. Everyone loses.

The dialogue at the end was pretty potent though and this is something I found that the Onegai series was particularly adept at. Bolstered by the voice acting they’re able to convey the emotions of the characters succinctly with a passing exchange and some body language. We all know how Ichika’s denial of the MC’s newfound feelings will turn out but shit like that is why we keep on watching, amirite?

Well, either that or for some delicious Ichika. Hurrdurr

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  1. elior1 says:

    @ hikago i hope we will get our answers about ichika past and kaito wounds later in the begining of the episode we only seen how she got to earth.

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