The Shana Effect


The localized evaluation of a product is heavily influenced by immediate points of reference. In this discussion an active and highly correlated observation of this effect is shown, both implicit and explicit, further reinforced by the fact that users have prior knowledge of one product’s previous iterations. To bolster evidence from deficient sample sizes, arbitrary and factitious data is plotted. Specific to Japanese animation (animus), this phenomena is dubbed the “Shana Effect” after the most notable example of occurrence.


Exhibit A

CirNobar is a heavy and advanced user of animus. As seen in the Fig 1. his evaluation of the product C3 rapidly changes after encountering Shana, based on the Hikago Multivariate Rating Framework [1]. The user himself admits of the relative effects Shana had on his further assessment of animus [2].

Fig. 1 - Per episode rating of C3, fully relational.

Exhibit B

Arbitrary graphs are an increasingly effective way to illustrate an author’s point without investing further effort outside of Excel. In Fig. 2 the consequence of Shana on not only prior experience but future expectations is illustrated, using a full range of products whose ratings (aggregated) range from “terrible” to “watchable” on a relative scale. Shana itself is plotted as a relative baseline to further affirm the significant causative effects.

Fig 2. HMRF values for a variety of products before and after watching Shana. Future expectations included to reinforce continuing effect.

As we can conclude, the Shana Effect is a real and extremely effective phenomena to increasing a consumer’s relative enjoyment and appreciation of similar, concurrent products. The difficulty lies in engaging the consumer in such a way that they will actively use Shana-type products to evoke this effect.


[1] Hikago,, Oct 25, 1901.

[2] Cirnobar,!/CirNobar/statuses/128700498491613184, Oct 25, 2011.

Now what would have happened if Angel Beats, Shana 3, and OreImo all aired in the same season…

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