Guilty Crown

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Despite being a typical male lead, it could be said Shuu just got off on the wrong foot as being stuck in an impossible situation can really give you two left feet.

But at least they gave Shuu’s introspection the boot for more interesting stuff, so when he takes centerstage in the proverbial pumpkin carriage, he comes off as the right fit.

I just hope the show doesn’t make Shuu the sole focus during the school-related episodes or flip-flops in pacing.

However, the ending action scene was Shuu’s time to shine and with some CG rubbed on it looked pretty polished.

<sagematt> I don’t know.
<sagematt> Everything seemed so shoehorned in.

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3 Responses to Guilty Crown

  1. sage says:

    Pun stealer. If you show your leathery hide in front of me again, I’m giving you the boot, you friggin’ loafer.

  2. Ryan A says:

    Terrible. I don’t think you’ll ever heel if you feel the wrath of sage’s balls, touching or not.

  3. Mushyrulez says:

    oh. my shoe. it died with my sarcasm meter

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