Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na Anime

It’s a lot of fuel to achieve escape velocity.

With the delectable news that the Yoake VN was nearing translation completion (although apparently “editing” was in order, and at a complete standstill), what better way to control my impatience than to watch the anime?

Much like Zaitcev’s assessment, the few oases of Feena were a temporary respite from the terrible directing and writing. The show started off fairly standard, and dare I say, the midpoint was nigh bearable, however it progressively worsened as the writers struggled to handle the diplomatic and societal implications of Feena and Tatsuya’s relationship. Even the climactic marriage scene became the apex of failure as they tried to shove as many “comedic” instances as possible in an otherwise heartwarming and solemn occasion.

Setting aside the contents, I was grossly disappointed with the production values. Even with the improvements in the DVD version, the art was much too simple for a bishoujo game translation [1] — Fortune Arterial did a much better job making for a nice visual presentation regardless of the vapidity of the contents. The music was heavy-handed, but effective in its tasks (with the occasional nice piano piece). The OP especially gave an interesting reminiscence of Aa! Megami-sama! in its soft tone and warmth.

Since I have no clear idea who to blame the bitter after-taste of this show on, the director will take the flak — unfortunately ruining any prospects for me watching mitsudomoe or the rest of minami-ke. I cannot even say if the pacing of the show was good or not, making a marathon [2] of a 12 episode show general removes my capability of judging such things unless they do an especially bad job.

Strangely, this exercise in futility has simply left me adamant to partake in the original story — Feena is simply too brilliant to not experience as intended.

[1] In the sense of moving a story between mediums. Visual novels are unique in the sense that the writers have the freedom to embellish and implant further meaning in the way the text is shown and written (Japanese can be “deep” like that, I cannot think of any suitable analogues in English). Anime distills a lot of this while emphasizing dynamic presentation, obviously the art cannot compare but there’s always something special about seeing the wind flowing through a girl’s hair.

[2] Interestingly, “marathoning” is not a proper word (and don’t let wiktionary fool you)!

P.S. Normally I’d add images to a post but any screenshots would either do disservice to the franchise or would not be representative of the norm. Sad hikago is sad.

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