herp til you derp

Or, dey mad :V

A soliloquy from many months ago, but I was reminded of it recently with the appearance of the new season and consequent ruffled feathers (“why don’t you like what I like”). Hahahaha!

bawww he’s applying critical analysis and thinking to a show I enjoy for aspects I don’t find defensible enough to construct a counterpoint for.
Growing up doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy anime — you guys should try it.

[16:01:58] > http://re-jinx.me/2010/11/01/ore-no-imouto-episode-5-the-whole-spectrum-of-fail-and-other-stories/comment-page-1/#comment-3503
[16:03:14] > people just can’t make the distinction between someone who enjoys something but recognizes the problems and will call the director/writers/etc. on it… and someone who doesn’t like a show irrevocably for those reasons
[16:04:24] > perhaps passion blinds, but they personalize their preferences too much (because it is niche?) and might find that criticisms equate to an attack on their self
[16:04:47] > and thus react overly defensively or rudely

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5 Responses to herp til you derp

  1. Ryan A says:

    So grumpy, XD (no that was the captcha) I don’t even know what’s going on with seasons anymore. There’s too much stuff to focus on lol.

  2. IBeatTheTurtleMan says:


  3. Turtleman says:

    gawd damn, i’m


  4. IBeatTheTurtleMan says:

    What’evs bro. I beat you by a month.

  5. Janess says:

    You’re a real deep thkrnei. Thanks for sharing.

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