Watched the first two episodes — art was nice but isn’t enough to grab me; let’s not mistake animation and art, guys. I do like the coloring, and Kirino (the little sister) is consistently well animated (unlike the rest) and well dressed so if you like girl’s fashion I guess that’s a bonus [1]. I almost forgot: No homo! Thanks sage!



Since I have a passing interest in VNs, it was fun seeing the stack of them and trying to identify the titles and artists (Choux doing a much better job than me), but the rest of the first episode didn’t really improve off the set up of normal guy finding out about a ‘perfect’ girl’s HORRIBLE SECRET (D:). The second episode continues the first LN (light novel) volume, via Micchi, and we have some amusing argument between fujoshi — too bad the second episode was so dialogue heavy I needed subs to keep up. As for the acting, Kirino’s VA was relatively drab but Kana’s performance as Kuroneko was nice (could be the novelty factor?).

Kirino’s consistent bitchiness sounds to be standard par for RL little sisters so I can’t really give fault there but it felt weird when both her and Kuroneko lashed out at Saori out of nowhere. I’ve tired of her sharp tongue by the first episode (I have MM! for that); I guess bitchdere just isn’t the same as tsundere, eh? [2]


Has absolutely nothing to do with the post contents.

Since I’d likely end up having to wait for subs for half the episodes, it fills in the barren Tuesday-Thursday gap nicely (badass raw watching ftl/w), but I’m already bored with the premise. Kyousuke is used as an active observer for the audience, so I wonder if the rest of episodes will just center around Kirino’s balancing her otaku and RL priorities. Some relationship building might keep me interested, such as Kyousuke with… anyone really — I have a huge soft spot for that (kept me going in Nogizaka S1) but that’s not what this show is about right?

[1] Another thing to enjoy kantoku’s art for.

[2] In before “u mad bro”.

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6 Responses to OreImo

  1. Ryan A says:

    Tuesdays are so terrible this seasons.. D:

    it felt weird when both her and Kuroneko lashed out at Saori out of nowhere

    Yea, that was a bit unexpected, but it’s probably a good sign of opening up. ^^ LOL, I enjoyed their argument.

  2. lolikitsune says:

    (preemptive diffusion of your preemptive diffusion: the below does not tl;dr to “u mad”)

    Really? “bitchdere” as opposed to “tsundere?”

    That seems bizarre to me, especially since tsundere can be divided into two main ‘branches’ if you will: the OG prototypical tsundere (following in the mould of Evangelion’s Asuka/Love Hina’s Naru/Fate/stay-night’s Tohsaka) and the modern sociopath (following in the mould of every female protagonist of a colorful J.C. Staff show in the past 5 years). The former starts out tsun and becomes dere over time; the latter alternates between tsun and dere at five revolutions per minute. Even Suzumiya Haruhi—renowned for her bitchiness—is closer to the former than to the latter, and Kousaka Kirino is several metaphorical rungs above her, I believe.

    “Bitchy?” Yeah.

    But “bitchy” as opposed to “tsundere?”

    Let’s face it: “tsundere” has never been anything but “bitchy.” And in recent years, the word has trended toward signifying those more deeply disturbed, mentally unstable “bitches” whose love is as fleeting as their anger.

    All this said, I’m not sure where you’re coming from if your point was that tsundere is somehow more palatable than bitchiness. Is it because the sociopathic tsundere of the last five years is almost always played for comedy’s sake, resulting in light-hearted and ‘fun’ dynamics (whereas here, Kirino is falling in love with her brother, whom she has formerly treated poorly)? Please to be enlightening me.

  3. hikago says:

    Well, following your definitions, I would say the “OG prototypical”s are what I would call tsundere, while the personality type who alternates between tsun and dere (at pulsar speeds?) would be bitchdere.
    A purely personal definition, but my reasoning is that the girls who alternate and /continue/ to be bitchy throughout any other character (relation) development aren’t actually transitioning past the bitchiness (to the delicious dere center). As an aside, imo, if she continues to be bitchy to others but consistently dere to the love interest, I’d still say that’s tsundere — when assessing for a characteristic like tsundere, it’s usually done in relation to the love interest right?
    Also, I’m still not convinced Kirino is falling in love with her brother (if you’re going to bring up the “sauce”, I have no knowledge of it outside of Micchi’s post so it’s a moot point).
    Anyway, just as with many “otaku” terms, it’s hard to come up with a solid definitive definition sometimes — I do acknowledge your position as valid and hope this is merely a difference in definition and convention.

    P.S. I did feel that Kirino switched a lot between being dere and tsun for her brother, and while it is too early to say where she falls in my own categorization (lol sample size), I was just calling it like I saw it at the time.


  4. NovaJinx says:

    All this text posted by hikago…WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?

  5. Who are you and what have you done with hikago?!

  6. nothikago says:

    You found me out!
    /jumps out the window

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