Shukufuku no Campanella

Relentlessness has a great three part write-up (123) on Campanella (hereby known as Campy) from the standpoint of someone who actually played the damn thing (unlike everyone else — myself included, herpderp). I’d recommend reading it if you actually care to get a handle on what to expect (and how to enjoy the show, I guess). Why bring this up now? Because…

Via Zait via Kuro on Campy:

One thing I’m quite liking about Campanella is how they are doing a better job of depicting an RPG game than most other RPG game anime adaptations. Ironic since it’s actually an eroge in origin.

Which is funny because from what I’ve seen from the people who played it, Campy has clear RPG-inspired components to the gameplay… I guess most people don’t bother to look past the “eroge” moniker but these things can have genres you know? Also, it’s not uncommon for VNs to have some (usually gimmicky) elements outside of your usual textbox clicking to help differentiate from the pack (I think there can be anywhere from 10 to 20 “full-length” VNs released per month so competition is stiff). Of course all indications are that it’s nothing like a full-fledged RPG but it makes me shoot like one the roots are there.

Too much focus on the eroge factor. Trees, forest, etc.

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3 Responses to Shukufuku no Campanella

  1. RyanA says:

    I shall investigate this more! And probably trackback since I have some blurbs on the 3-episode batch I did yesterday :3

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  3. NovaJinx says:

    Awww, kuro just got SERVED.

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