The moon in arm’s reach

Been a long time reader of Ani-nouto so was a bit surprised to see Author with some strong bias towards loving Amagami, and the consequent strong objection to “the haters” [1]. He makes it sound (a bit on irc too) that it’s common decency to like it… no thanks!

Amagami reminded me a bit of how K-ON played out — cute girls doing cute things, but this time the romance aspect gets thrown in. Add the seiyuu fanboys and I can see why there’s so much love but I’m not surprised people hate it too. It feels like there’s some correlation (re: my small sample set has a near perfect correlation) in fans and detractors between the two, but that’s for the indoor cats to pursue [2].

Looking at one Zait’s posts itself, I couldn’t say Omo was so fervent, but few can match Kurogane. The subsequent post is a bit more touchy, Chaos Tangent goes a bit too far but it’s fun to see people come out with stronger conviction as a reaction. Anyway, speaking of the ratings improving for the 3rd episode, perhaps fans of the game had an inkling of coming events — a cursory google search tells me the “dog scene” was not an anime original.

Well, I just hope he wasn’t admiring a reflection in a pond.

[1]  He could at least watch it first.

[2] Of which I am one (the hypocrisy does not burn as much as it should).

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4 Responses to The moon in arm’s reach

  1. sage says:

    After all the divided opinions, I can only say one thing: I need to watch it in order to formulate a based opinion. Of course it will be biased according to my personal taste but that’s just my opinion man, and at least I’ll have arguments to prove why I liked or disliked it.

    It’s also sad that zaitcev pulls an ad hominem on ChaosTangent (hurrr he has a Sankaku news ticker, his opinion is invalid). I expected better from zaitcev… although this is not the first time he’s done that. Anyway: Firstly, Sankaku dares to report stuff that no other japanese culture-related blog does, so sometimes their articles really are relevant (even with the strong emphasis on ero Artefact adds); Secondly, maybe he added the ticker for the lulz?

    (But Sankaku Complex is still shit so yeah)

  2. omo says:

    1. Sakaku sometimes reports stuff that is misleading or factually incorrect, not because nobody else dare to report it. But they do have people posting interesting things on a regular basis so kudos to that.

    2. Amagami has a target audience. People who hate it is just not it, really simple.

  3. Ryan A says:

    I can see why there’s so much love but I’m not surprised people hate it too.

    Same. Unfortunately I don’t get the hate (since I’ve read like 2 posts so far, and the above aren’t them)… take it for what it is, and who is doing the characters I guess. It’s some lulz if you ask me, and I eyeroll, laugh, facepalm the whole way.

    • hikago says:

      Yeah, as long as I don’t bring even a modicum of seriousness with me, the series plays out well enough to watch.
      Also, the little sister grew on me despite attempts to resist. Did not want D:
      I think I’ll stick through to the end because I’m a dirty seiyuu fanboy and I’ve had the twintails arc recommended. (Also personally hoping Rihoko — the last girl — arc is good.)

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