Shakugan no Shana S – 3

This OVA begins the “prequel” arc of the Shana series (Shana Zero novel I believe).


While hunting for a Denizen, Shana absorbs the existence of one of the victim Torches, supplanting Junko’s existence and back-tracking her steps to find out where she was attacked.


As we can remember from season 1, Shana’s cold-hearted attitude is back with a vengeance and we’re treated to some deadpan Kugyuu (even a nonchalant “urusai”!). As she deals with Junko’s circumstances prior to her “death”, we’re reminded again of the devastation Denizens sow and the kind of keen melancholy Flame Hazes must shrug off when dealing with Torches.


The first half was a bit slow, and had some 80s-like effects but quickly picks up in the second half with some DRAMA. Which really wasn’t so bad as JC Staff has a pretty good track record of making it work.


Production values were pretty average (as with the previous OVAs), although the music had a great sad piano piece towards the end which really set the mood. The music ending off into Junko’s monologue at the very end was BAWWWWW. The ending song, “All in good time” by Kawada Mami was also quite fitting for the general mood of the episode.


Unfortunately there were no fights to be had so we had to make do with a strangely well animated Shana jumping back onto her bed (I should gif it >_>).

end cap

Overall a well-done episode that will hopefully pick up more going into part 2 (which is due in September iirc?).

Bonus round:


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