Badass Raw Bloggin’: B Gata H Kei

I have no idea what the title of this anime even means! B gata? At first I thought it could be referring to the personality type (as in “B-Personality Type, Pervert Girl/System/Why-do-I-even-try”), but apparently people with knowledge of the sauce say it refers to breast cup size. The show does say she has a B-cup… oh well, whatever!


We begin with a touching monologue where our star-crossed main character, Yamada, emphatically introduces herself and the harsh reality of society’s expectations. It is with much remorse that she begins her adventures into adulthood, lost and forlorn, seeking a huge letter H which will deliver unto her the means to — hahaha. Okay, I’m sorry.

The episode was split into two halves, Boy Meet Girls: Give me your first time! and After School Grand Plan: For a start, let’s kiss!

Starting again: I totally got distracted by the nakedness and the lulz from the “when I become a high schooler, I’ll H 100 people?!” … what? >:(


I’m glad they really got into the meat of things from the get-go though, where we’re quickly introduced to Cherry-kun and Yamada’s ineffective attempts to get it on with him.

Isn’t he cute? Awww.

You feel some pity for the poor boy as at first she pretty much is bullying him, but thankfully we steer away from that pretty quickly as she refines her ATTACK TACTICS in the second half.


Blah, blah, a lot of talking I still couldn’t understand. I did learn some new things like what “身長” means and that “henjin” sounds awesome. Her perversions were done well enough to escape feeling creepy, and I felt added a bit more depth to character and was played off well against her naivety and ignorance of the act. I also really liked how they had some humor based on the “she sees”/”he sees” act — it really stuck with me since that often happened back in high school.

As an extra plus, seeing Cherry-kun having the balls to take some initiative was so refreshing I could love the writer(s) to death.


Onto the acting! Noto’s voice acting! She wasn’t using that annoying “cutesy” throaty voice, instead opting to sound like a normal person ♡. In fact, I couldn’t even tell it was her for a whole 3 minutes. Don’t spoil it and try to spot it out for yourselves! (She actually lapses into her Nogizaka voice at one point, which gives it away.)

All-in-all this was totally watchable. But this is coming from someone who managed to sit through Kampfer and Himari… with minimal assistance from alcohol!








P.S. OP and ED done by Tamura Yukari xD

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One Response to Badass Raw Bloggin’: B Gata H Kei

  1. Ryan A says:

    All-in-all this was totally watchable. But this is coming from someone who managed to sit through Kampfer and Himari… with minimal assistance from alcohol!

    LOLOLOL! Now that I’m caught up I might take to this on Thursdays as well XDDX

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