Tokey Cake Girl

I think I hesitated to watch this [alpha] for so long because it had time-travel as a driving plot device — so many ways it could go wrong [bravo]. Maybe due to my initial hesitations, but at the very least I enjoyed the movie enough to post about it.

The butterfly effect of her tampering in the past had a nice moralistic tinge to it, but a bit pointless since careful consideration is so easily eschewed for immediate needs and instant gratification (and who could anticipate? The writers exaggerated ill-effects on others). But first I’ll blab about some of the…

Technical Aspects

The use of leaping to initiate time travel was a great idea on the writers’ part as it gave a more dynamic feel and shoe-horned more physical action into scenes.

One thing I dislike as much as our co-writer hates voice-overs… drawn-out scenes — the shot of Makoto running to meet Chiaki at the end. No soliloquy even. Sure decoupling “camera” pan speed and her running speed was interesting visually but not for the entire 2 minute cut. Her mind was set (that determination!) so we saw nothing new, just over-reinforcement [charlie].

The use of soundtrack, production values, and most “camera” work/direction had a good amount of finesse though. As with my previous complaint, the only problem with the director I have is that he likes to extend some scenes unnecessarily.

Now on to my…


The director really likes baseball [delta].

The only screen cap I bothered to take while watching the movie.

<haha, I left it on a different computer, will upload in 3 days when I get home [echo].>

Aunt: “I was told to wait” — typical nostalgic lesson from the past crap? Maybe not.

Aunty “witch” then tells Mikoto she’s not the type to wait, she should go head-first — but from the previous scenes she’s been very hesitant over anything that breaks her status-quo, and passive-aggressive at worst. The cumulation into that sunset scene at the end was so anti-climatic (for me). Mikoto’s desperation after horrible things happen to her friends and then Chiaki leaves… I must have totally missed the point because I just wasn’t expecting things to taper off like that. Or it’s …

“Time waits for no one.”

… and we get a bitter end?

Anyways, going back to the Aunt’s words, when I thought about it all in the context of how the people from the future wanted to see the painting… maybe someone influenced the Aunt too. A rather dark suspicion; did anyone else think so too? I mean, time travel can’t be trivialized for just wanting to see a painting or there’d be tourists everywhere [foxtrot].

At least Mikoto wasn’t lonely at the end.

While my random musings are largely negative, it was interesting and fun enough to mull over. But even with how lauded the movie was, I think it was over-hyped — hell, I put it on the same level as Paprika ಠ_ಠ.

[alpha] “Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo” or “Girl Who Leapt Through Time” for those who aren’t into retarded internet pseudonyms.

[bravo] See Lost and Heroes.

[charlie] Given finite time to tell a story, every scene should contribute, should work towards a message or convey some feeling.

[delta] Random? Pointless? Yes. But that’s how I roll, bitches.

[echo] This post has been in draft for more than a week now. I just can’t bare to leave it sitting here for only one screen cap. (I might add some more when I get home too >_>.)

[foxtrot] Going on, I could whine about plot holes (like inconsistencies of memories being retained when Chiaki himself alters things, etc.) but I rationalize it all as time travel being secondary to uh… the characters’ development. Yeah.

Sometimes I get it sometimes I don’t. This is the latter.

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2 Responses to Tokey Cake Girl

  1. Ryan A says:

    “I think it was over-hyped” … this is like aniblogophere trademark, but I agree. Still didn’t disappoint me, fine film.

    loool at the tango enumeration.

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