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In an effort to beat a dead horse breathe some life into this blog…

I’ll post random banalities. In staccato. (You have been warned.)


Recently I’ve had the opportunity to try out Aroduc’s (of Tenka Seiha fame) Galaxy Angel translation. I remember buying the first few volumes of the manga almost 3 years ago (I even wrote some crappy post on how much I enjoyed it!). Quite cute, quite enjoyable; I tend to like saccharine and tender productions so it was right down my alley.

Corollary: I have too much time on my hands.

My love for the manga had me looking for more, but at the time it seemed like there would never be an English translation (the anime did not fancy me either).┬áSo when I was offered the chance to try it out… (aposiopesis FTW).

Someone needs to craft a wallpaper from this.

Pianissimo, Tempo Rubato

Now onto anime.

Not much on this front — I’m watching my usual smattering of fanservice shows, from Krapfer Kampfer to Nyan Krap Koi. Moefag that I am, Seitokai no Ichizon has been surprisingly watchable. I’ve also amassed a nice large backlog due to my barely watching anything during spring or summer seasons.

Speaking of Kampfer, speculation has been rampant about Sakura, especially in episode 8 — I found her fainting and then deafness to the chaos in her room to be ridiculous. With her little spiel about the lion plushie, makes me wonder if the Kampfers are all unfortunate players in Sakura’s (perverse) manga fantasies come to life. Probably not. Closure is unlikely, but hopefully we’ll get a nice arc to end with — worked for Sekirei.

I made the same face as Ken when I realized how much I’m enjoying this season.

Da Capo al coda, Diminuendo

Ah, I just remembered. GA has a smattering of famous VAs, and it was quite fun trying to recognize them!

It’s a relatively short game and the RTS fights are pretty easy, the story moves along nicely with the requisite genocide and drama. Unfortunately I have yet to encounter a scene that can compare to the manga’s poignant and bittersweet conversation between Ranpha and Tact (Takuto) towards the end of the story. But there are plenty of sweet, dere-dere ones. Ahhhh~.

Don’t look at me like that.

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