White Album 11

A fine example of unintentional humor.

turn on images, tard.
Figure 1-1: Rina goes “D:”

I can’t recall the last time I saw a character make this face (in serious scene), but I had a great laugh.

Anyways, while I can understand Touya’s attachment to Shinozuka as she is the closest to Yuki’s daily life, the escalation of their relationship (into a coital one) was unexpected at this point. Not stopping there, Rina’s interest in Touya seems to be more diversionary – but considering the show’s roots I would not be surprised if the writers intend us to construe her actions as the real thing. As things stand, I’m not sure if the series is even going anywhere. Regardless, the hope is that the melodrama being built up around them will make for some entertainment (good or bad).

Right now Shinozuka’s stoic facade (and her ordeal with Rina’s former manager) is probably the most interesting part of the show. Is that emotionlessness an actual part of her character or just a product of poor animation? (A joke.)

After some consideration, I think what draws me to this series is the dysfunction of both the characters and the directing. That and alcohol makes anything watchable (I should do a post/chart on my average beer intake while watching a show).

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