Chobits 7-13

This quarter kicks off with a bang and we get our first taste of things to come. When I first saw the “second Chii” I wasn’t really too sure what to make of it, maybe it’s a rather interesting (or bad) VM implementation. I was rather dismayed that Yumi got shafted by Hideki rushing out to save his precious persocom from a peeping show, but I too would be rather alarmed if someone abducted my computer and started fingering it.

Figure 1.0: I am more familiar with this type of zooming shot being
used in horror movies than anything else. Gave me a good laugh.

Episode 8 was a bit scary for me, since nearly everyone was seen with a persocom companion, and even a cabbage patch kid child persocom appears. Chii going super-saiyan was extremely novel, but felt a bit out of place. Yumi is a rather unhappy girl, and her contrasting cheerfulness reminded me of a recent discussion brought up concerning Minorin of ToraDora. The episode ended with Hideki giving Chii back her paycheck, telling her to spend it on what she wants, with her simply asking if it’s okay to hug. Money can’t buy love *play the sappy music*.

Episode 9 wasn’t even a filler. It was a recap episode. RAGE.

The start of episode 10 was out of my league, the closest I’ve come to going to a bathhouse is the public baths at a cabin retreat. Anyways, apparently persocoms can be bathed with water, which made me wonder about their insane energy conversion efficiency (no heat vents!). Also, wtf Japan. Though this episode started off feeling like a filler, we get plot progression in the form of a mysterious picture of Chii!

The next episode mainly centers mainly around the perversion of people loving their persocoms a bit too much – something which will probably be the primary theme throughout the series. The second part of the “Town with no people” picture book shows us it’s really a condensed version of the plot. There’s a lot more to say about this episode, but since I’ve already seen the end of the series, the perspective is quite different from when I first saw it. In retrospect I think this would have been much more interesting had I done it on the first watch and could observe my expectations and understanding evolve as the story progressed.

Episode 12 is one of the best filler episodes I have ever seen. Well written, and I won’t say any more so as to not ruin the excellent mood. Except that Chii was rather cute (I didn’t notice that they animated Motosuwa blushing in that scene until the second watch, its too bad I’m limited to subtitles and end up missing these subtle details).

Next we had more filler with Hideki borrowing a DVD player from his employer, and we bounce between his antics pursuing porn and his antics pursuing Chii. Lots of techno-babble, but it’s okay… no it wasn’t – having followed the fun episode 12, this was bland in comparison. Men masquerading as women is quite common in games, but having attached the male voices to them made for a disturbing contrast (but scarier was giant Sumomo – not going to screenshot).

The first half of the series saw us slowly easing into the issues Chobits wanted to discuss, and I think it did a rather good job of it. The picture book series replaces the disembodied narrator for rapid discussion, and acting as an analogue to the plot can allow for more precise connontations to be made. The reader can probably tell I’m getting rather burned out from the “long” post length… might have to divide the last half of the show into more manageable thirds. orz.

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  1. Ryan A says:

    Chii~ so wait, you finished the series right?
    Chii is always cute ^^

  2. TurtleMan says:

    god dammit, second

  3. Hurrah, that’s what I was seeking for, what a material! existing here at this website, thanks admin of this web site.

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