Strike Witches Vector

A Strike Witches vector from a magazine scan. Contains gratuitous pantsu like my meido vector, so its after the jump.

There are actually a couple of vector projects I have been procrastinating heavily on, so I was surprised that I went and not only started this but actually managed to finish it too.

Figure 1.0: 5×4 ratio sample

All the wallpapers look the same, they are just sized differently for your convenience:

Updated: Illustrator File

I had a bit of trouble with this vector as the source material (link is in the first sentence of this post) had some weird errors. Mainly the left arm’s sleeve – notice how the curvature of the cloth is all wrong – I tried to rectify this by curving it and slightly changing the shading but the results were still not that good. Her right hand was also a bit weird and I made some slight adjustments to it. My lack of drawing skills become apparent here. Otherwise this was quite a simple vector, and I tried to do it without using a single gradient, which I think is fine for something like this.

Also, for a background I really had no idea what to do, and I am too lazy to create a cloudscape so a crappy blue gradient will have to suffice.

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3 Responses to Strike Witches Vector

  1. mellow_bunny says:

    Damn my work. I cannot do anymore then sneak peaks at this vector. Also you did the gradient well :)!

  2. fruits punch samurai says:

    not curvy enough

  3. Lupus says:

    Just found this. Good job on the right hand, but yeah, the left sleeve still looks a little funky. You should’ve tried more variations until you came up with something that you like, but it’s almost immaterial.

    Excellent job (b^_^)b

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