Strike Witches 8: Lili Marlene

I guess in retrospect something like this would be inevitable, especially with a cast full of (more than) capable singers. Spoilers after the jump.

Figure 1.0: Minna can really fill that dress.

The song Tanaka Rie sings here is called Lili Marlene by Hans Leip and Norbert Schultze, and was apparently quite popular during World War II.

Update: I didn’t really make this clear, but in Figure 2.0, below, the credits state: [リリーマルレーン] (STRIKE WITCHES Ver.) which roughly translates back to “Lili Marureen” or Lili Marlene. And the obvious Hans Leip as writer, Nornert Schultzo as composer, and Tanaka Rie (田中 理恵) as singer.

Figure 2.0: Song credits.

Also, Chiba Saeko and Tanaka Rie doing the ED was nice, as both are good singers.

Strike Witches has been an interesting watch to say the least, and the mix of heavy fanservice and military trivia is something quite different from what I am used to. The production values are surprisingly very good, and it’s nice to see that the show didn’t take itself too seriously other than coloring the characters’ backgrounds (usually a bit tragic). Although I did find the fanservice to be a bit too strong in a couple of episodes, and the no-pants factor really is out there.

Major Spoilers after this line!

However, things seem to be getting a bit more serious as it appears Mio’s powers are weakening. Unfortunately, Gonzo chose to end episode 8 on an overly dramatic note with Minna pointing a gun at Mio claiming she doesn’t want to know the pain of losing someone again, which I assume means she wants Mio to stop fighting. Of course the Next Episode preview doesn’t show any of the tension of this last moment, so it will probably all blow over, but we do see Mio being unable to erect a proper shield against the Neuroi (one of the reasons why I believe she is losing her powers, the other being that the dead Neuroi shards penetrated her shield this episode). In fact, I could be completely wrong – I wouldn’t put it past them – but it does look to be a very Mio-centric episode. Regardless, Strike Witches is a fun, albeit pantless and extremely fanservice-filled watch which one should put very little thought into, at most!

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