Eve no Jikan

Eve no Jikan act01: AKIKO is the first in a six part series by Yasuhiro Yoshiura which seems to explore the implications of robots who look and behave exactly like humans – androids – becoming an integral part of society.

Very little can be said without spoiling too much, so I will limit myself to discussion on the execution here. The flow and pacing of the story was excellent. Every scene transitioned well and the characters themselves were full of life and expression. Yasuhiro Yoshiura truly loves his twists at the end, however this time it wasn’t too big a surprise but was exciting nonetheless (Rikuo’s expression was priceless).

Many thanks to pireze for ripping this show from Yahoo’s video stream service and subtitling it!

Major spoilers after the jump:

“What do you think of me?”

As this was only the first of many parts, there isn’t too much to say so I will just go over my thoughts:

- I loved how Akiko passed the Turing test. I loved how they used the same coffee blend. I loved the fast pacing and the way the director shows us the world’s attitudes not only through dialogue, but through the commercials playing on the TV and the signs we see as the characters walk around.

- Although the idea of humanoid robots becoming or being indistinguishable from humans has been done many times before in literature, it is a bit refreshing to see it expressed in a more light-hearted fashion, versus say, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” (which spawned Blade Runner) or other similarly darker titles.

- Eve no Jikan follows some of the ideas from Mizu no Kotoba, Yasuhiro Yoshiura’s earliest work, exploring human and intelligent machine interactions and the use of Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics.

A very strong start to this series, hopefully Yasuhiro Yoshiura can keep it up for the next 5 episodes.

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5 Responses to Eve no Jikan

  1. totali says:

    This is actually the animated adaption of The SIMS!

  2. TheBigN says:

    “I loved how Akiko passed the Turing test.”

    True, but at the same time, there are a couple of moments where you notice that she’s a little unusual. Like the longer than normal pauses between some answers and things like that.

    Eve no Jikan is like an extension of the bar in Mizu no Kotoba, and I like how that’s done. And I like how they’re presenting how androids and humans seem to be co-existing at the moment, and how that might change in the future.

  3. hikago says:


    The pauses were a nice touch, I’m surprised it slipped my mind.

    Its great how much thought was put into even just this one episode.

  4. zak the dragon says:

    EVE no Jikan I think is going to be a nice mini serie, I love the way android and humans can interact with each other but in the same I dislike how young people at school treat there androids, when I see animes like this one I wish we have androids in present time I would be a friend with them, and for the some I can understand why they would go to that cafe to be like any one else.

  5. Demex says:

    I like this anime because of how much detail is put into every episode. The camera angles and pans are not the normal movements you see in everyday anime. The use of lighting is also really great.

    And it has an almost surreal yet real feel. I just love the way everything has a plausible feel and the movements of everyone within the world. This is by far my favorite anime this season.

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