Fumina Konoe Strikes Back was definitely one of (if not) the best Shana-tans I’ve seen.

Figure 1.0: Shana-tan mulls.

There were also quite a few vector-worthy scenes, and seeing as there might be a demand, I went ahead and vectored Shana from the Naze Nani part.

… But not before trying it out on VectorMagic because I’m lazy.

Figure 2.0: VectorMagic rendition. The results being pretty good.

But it not does scale up very well, so I decided to go ahead and do it myself…

Figure 3.0: 4×3 version, 1600×1200

Figure 4.0: 5×4 version, 1280×1024

Other resolutions: 1680×1050

Completed in under 3 hours (ya, I’m slow).

Addendum: I might add in the background later.

Edit (11/06/2008/10:22): After consultation on 4chan, I decided to make all the edge borders darker. Also fixed up her right ear and made sure the background was transparent. Blah.

Edit2: Seems someone else has gone through the trouble of vectoring this, but with a background to boot! I’d recommend his version.

Edit3: Here‘s the Illustrator (CS3) source if anyone wants.

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3 Responses to Shana-tan

  1. Michael says:

    Oh man, that looks awesome! D:

  2. Crisu says:

    Your version’s still great though. She has a mouth, which adds to the expression.

    Thanks for the vector. ^_^

    (lol, my anti-spam word was “moecchi”)

  3. Cokematic says:

    3 hrs D: that was waaaaaaaayyyy faster than me orz
    (even without the background) -_-;

    aww I didn’t get a cool anti-spam word T_T