MTG Puzzle 2

Another puzzle which, like the previous one, can be quite unintuitive.

This puzzle actually had quite a few versions due to some mistakes on card wording. The original had a Magus of the Arena and was totally cooler, but what can you do?

Difficulty Rating: Medium.

Click for largerFigure 1.0: Elves vs Weird red beat-down.

Your opponent has two 2/2 and two 1/1 creatures – all untapped for whatever reason, and however many Forests. Let’s just assume they’ll win next turn. Maybe they have a few Uktabi Drakes in their hand or something. No one cares. They’re at 6 life.

You have Shared Animosity, a Greater Gargadon with 9 counters on it, and a Smokebraider (2 mana of any color as long as that mana is used to Elemental abilities/spells). Oh, and 7 untapped Mountains.

Your hand consists of a Fiery Temper (3 damage for 3 mana and an alternative madness cost of one), Threaten, Spark Elemental, and Sparkspitter. Your life is arbitrarily set to 1.

The puzzle is to win this turn. Or you get forced into watching a Gundam SEED Destiny marathon or Uwe Boll movies and lose 9000 life. Maybe both at the same time. Shit sucks.

Unrelated aside: We’ve checked online, and it seems that its possible to use Magus’s ability on creatures who are already tapped. But even stranger, he can tap himself with his ability due to the fact that the tapping symbol comes after a comma, separate from the activating mana cost. o_O

Answer will be posted in a few days or something.

Edit: Solution Posted.

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5 Responses to MTG Puzzle 2

  1. Soonytou says:

    Can’t you just cast sparkspitter, use his ability to cast fiery temper for madness cost and create a spark elemental, cast spark elemental. Attack with 2 spark elementals and smokebraider all elementals so 2, 5/1 tramples and a 2/2 for 12 dmg the most he can block is 7

  2. carmilla says:

    spark elementals have haste so they could attack instantly

  3. Miles says:

    Another way to win:

    -Tap 7 Mountians and Smokebraider for 2. Total mana 9, all red.
    -Pay 3 for Sparkspitter (6 left).
    -With Sparkspitter, pay 1, tap and sac Fiery Temper. Pay Fiery’s Madness cost and target opponent.
    They now have 3 life left and you have 4 Mana
    -Pay 1 mana to summon Sprak Elemental from your hand (3 mana left).
    -Sac all your Mountains, your Sparkspitter and Smokebraider (total 9 cards) to remove time counters from Greater Gargadon
    -Attack with Greater Gargadon and both Spark Elementals

    Opponent blocks Gargadon with a Llanowar Elves to stop its attack.
    Opponent blocks both Sparkspitters with a shaman each and one with an elves

    The Gargadon’s attack is blocked.
    The first Spark Elemental is now 4/1 due to Shared Animosity, deals 2 to the shaman, 1 to the elves and 1 to the player due to Trample (2 life remaining)
    The second Spark Elemental is also 4/1 due to shared Animosity, deals 2 to the shaman and, due to Trample, 2 to the player (0 life remaining)

    You win.

    • Ben Greschler says:

      You forgot about summoning sickness. What you have to do is:
      1. Tap the mountains and smokebraider, 9 mountains in mana pool.
      2. Play sparkspitter (6 mana left)
      3. Use threaten on sparkspitter, making it lose summoning sickness (3 mana left)
      4. Use sparkspitter’s ability to discard your burn spell, use madness to put them to 3 (1 mana left)
      5. Play spark elemental ( 0 mana left)
      6. Remove smokebraider and the 7 lands and sparkspitter from the game to put the greater into play.
      7. Swing with two 4/1 tramples and a 9/7. Any blocking situation gets you a minimum of 3 damage, winning the game.

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