Meido meido~ New vector!

My new vector is the cover of “How to Draw Manga: Maids & Miko”. Original illustration by Shinichi Ishioka is also linked below.

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I started this project last year, but at the time didn’t have the requisite skills and knowledge to vector it all, so it wasn’t until a few months ago when I got back to vectoring it. Some coloring mistakes cost me a few hours, and in the end I think this took up more than 50 hours of my time over the past few months. >_<
There are more than 1400 objects but I kept the color counts down :3

Dunno what project I'll try to complete next, but I'm currently trying to vector this but its proving to be… difficult. :x

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Meido is love. Nekomimi is <3.
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6 Responses to Meido meido~ New vector!

  1. Lainforce says:

    You did a good job with it.

    It’s a shame her skirt isn’t high enough for a wider view.

  2. wrex says:

    That was a great job, especially on the blends and gradations. Good work on the vectoring work and masking. I can see why you took so long.

    As for the Shakugan no Shana image, good luck… it would better if you had a larger image to work from.

  3. RDrake says:

    Ahaha~… Nice one, hikago. Looks better than most of mine, especially since yours has a cleaner cut. Keep up the good work…

    Then, again, wow, a vector of that size… Pretty hard work, isn’t it?

  4. Falcanium says:


  5. Falcanium says:


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