taiyaki is full of deliciousness

I had some delicious Taiyaki today :3


Taiyaki (as well as many other traditional asian deserts like Korean Walnut sweets) is made using metal casts with two halves. Batter is placed into one half, the filling – usually red bean paste, but I’m sure the Japanese have added a lot of other weird crap in there – is placed in the center, and then covered with more batter. The two halves of the metal cat are then joined and baked.

A problem with this method is that one side can easily become thinner then the other and have the filling start to leak through. Another is that the snack becomes very oily compared to the smaller snacks made using the same method as more oil is need to ensure that the large surface area does not stick.

If you bought too much taiyaki (like I did) its best to put them into the fridge after a few hours, or you run the risk of them becoming stale and bad. To warm them up and make them tasty again, the best method I’ve found is to either use a toaster oven or:
1. microwave for a short time, like 10 seconds (depending on the size of the taiyaki). This is to warm the filling and prepare the crust for baking
2. toast the taiyaki in a toaster on a low power setting or for a short while. This will make sure the crust is all nice and kari kari again.
Careful when taking the taiyaki out of the toaster as hot oil is not something you’d want to touch :\



This is some Machi. (Ripped from the website.)

zomg shana

This is some Shana.

Twins? Time paradox? What is going on here? =O

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3 Responses to taiyaki is full of deliciousness

  1. Tess says:

    Taiyaki is amaziiiing. Especially warm. But I’m super angry at my dad because he ate my remaining four. *shiku shiku*

  2. Spiritsnare says:

    Taiyaki is quite nice; I prefer the chocolate-filled ones, myself.

    Unfortunately, the only place where I can get fresh taiyaki is at San Francisco Japantown…a place I rarely go to, unfortunately. But recently, the local Japanese supermarket had sata andagi for sale – impulse buy get!

  3. Leonora says:

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