WoWaholics Anonymous

Super Mario Brothers - World 1-1 v.01f

I think its about time I introduce a slight addiction I’ve recently been afflicted with. A hypocritical one which eats at my soul…

I play World of Warcraft, and I enjoy it.

I’m not sure if this is healthy, but I wake up to WoW, get home to WoW, and soon i think I’ll be sleeping with it too. This nearly matromonial relationship has me on the wrong end of a leash, hopefully the game will let me out for the anime convention next weekend T______T
But I guess the saying is true – I suddenly did find an amazing amount of free time… to play this tripe game.

I used to really hate WoW… so all my friends decided to play it. To do them credit, they put me through level 20 instances with their level 50s, but in retrospect thats somewhat analogous to lighting a chemical fire on me and then ‘dousing’ it with water. Ah well, at least the game exceeded my expectations for both fun and time-wasting! kekeke

Btw, the wallpaper on the top is something I made quite a while back, but decided to touch up today. And I needed an excuse to post T_____T

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6 Responses to WoWaholics Anonymous

  1. Allan Noyb says:

    I am an addicted wow player. I lost my job, my house and my marriage, but to my credit i did get a full epic set. I am living on welfare, and spend it all at the cyber cafe where i can use a computer. I sleep on the streets, but i am unable to break out of the habit. I usually only have 1 meal a day, and drink when my mana is low. I took up cooking so i could cook in RL but it didnt really carry over the skills, my rats from the street are stil tasting like crap. Can anyone help me?

  2. Chris says:

    Hey man, nice wallpaper. I just wanted to let you know that i used it for the background in one of my web comics. Hope you don’t mind :p

  3. Allan De Brin Cat says:

    I love to have my poo poked in by my pc. hoo hoo

  4. nathan says:

    i loved ur background so much i used it for an album cover. thanks for the great artwork

  5. dan says:

    quit wow, win life

  6. David P.Keyes says:

    I remember I beat the full game Bob the robberon hudgames I was in school and I just screamed YAS! But now that I play it it’s really easy. XD

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