Materiel procured

Ready for imocho tonight o7o7o7o7

Couldn’t find any hard alcohol :(

By the way, NovaJinx convinced me to do the post on his website, so you can go see my drunk rants there:

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Derping in EVE Online

So a few days ago we killed a 300bil ISK ship (or more, depending on who you ask), but the ridiculousness of the entire thing didn’t hit me until I saw an article on Forbes about it.

Anthropologists, see and be amazed. Basically this huge, turd shaped space coffin is worth approximately $9000. It is so rare that people are willing to covet something you’d probably leave in your toilet bowl. It’s not even good at being a super carrier.

But I still love the game.

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Really late season impressions

Because I’m really fashionable. Continue reading

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Thoughts on Chuu2Koi

<@Guncannon> Why can’t the show be like this from the start
<hikago> directors cut: remove episodes 7-11

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Great cinematography but definitely one of the worst written movies I’ve seen the past decade. While watching I had the misfortune of being reminded of half a dozen other action movies from Batman to Inception instead of being immersed in the story.

The whole old/new gimmick was a cute touch, but between the lack of cool new gadgets and the unconvincing but amusing villain, watching a battered and broken Bond left me feeling just as exhausted.

Watchable rating: 2 beers, make the story go away and watch it for the lulz

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Star Driver

Driven by some discussion on IRC, I realized that Star Driver was quite the misunderstood show. In fact, before I was defeated in a TF2 duel and made to watch it, I had quite the ridiculous perceptions about what it was about; so having personally bridged that dichotomy of reality I thought maybe it was worth writing about.

Ignorance is bliss

Kissing through the glass.

Generally when a show has giant mecha in it, it gets relegated to that genre (if you could even call it one) however Star Driver as a mecha show fails spectacularly. Instead the show’s real focus is in the character interaction and development — and that’s where it really shines. The dialogue is where the heart seems to be and if you want a great cast of characters Star Driver is definitely worth trying out.

Oh, and it makes ~fabulous~ actually work, for once. Ha.

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Horizon S2 – 12

Futayo vs Gin is one of the best choreographed fights I’ve seen in a very long time. Horizon itself sets a pretty high bar but I’d actually go as far as saying that since the 3 battles episode (to decide whether to save Hoirzon), this has been the most adrenaline pumping of the two seasons. It’s quite rare for me to want to rewatch a scene and yet there I was, replaying it for the visceral rush.

While my word-smithing is quite insufficient to lavish appropriate praise on this visually titillating experience, it wouldn’t do the show justice for me to simply say “go watch it for yourselves” when the events in this episode are built up using the previous 23 as a foundation. Nevertheless, there you go!

I am woman, hear me roar.

Oh, and sound directing was especially great this episode too.

Since she stole the episode with her “exceptional” choice of words and feline grace, let’s end with more Futayo. With her hair down.


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Sword Art Online 10

“Looks like Kirito really made use of さお in SAO” :V

“I guess you could say Asuna is everyone’s favorite sow girl” :V

“I guess you could say this was Kirito’s true さお debut” :V

I’ll be here all week, try the veal.

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What makes Tari Tari different…

…from K-ON? Continue reading

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